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The Cadeco publishing team come together for another stylish ride into the world of regular-service steam locomotion. With the Famous Last Lines series fast fading into the distant past, and the recent trilogy on New South Wales a domestic success, they have returned to global scale with a coffee-table book in familiar and generously-sized near-square dimensions. 

When the book's contributors were young in the 1950s and 60s, steam locomotives were a fundamental part of the world, as ever-present and reassuring as air and water, grass and school. A whistle from the station, steam trails in the countryside, distant exhaust beats carrying on the still night air. Even the smallest engines were scary up close. As we grew up, we fell in love with ‘our’ regional and national railways and parochialism bit deep. The advance of dieselisation matched our growing awareness of the wider world, forcing us to look overseas to keep our interest alive. 

This first volume of a two-part series follows the lines of latitude west to east and longitude north to south, starting in the birthplace of steam locomotion - the United Kingdom, and meandering via Western Europe, Eastern Europe and the Middle East to Africa’s southern tip. It ends in the rugged escarpment country near Cape Town. The second volume, covering the hemisphere stretching east and south from Pakistan to Patagonia, will be published approximately one year later - in mid-2020. 

Where there’s smoke features photographs taken in the UK by some highly competent photographers, and across the book’s full geographic reach by renowned South African lensman Charlie Lewis. Coupled with shots taken by the usual Cadeco suspects, we believe that these 160 pages are well worth adding to already bulging enthusiast bookshelves.

160 pages - Size 290mm x 265mm - Hard Cover - 306 colour photos with captions


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